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Dear GWU KAA members,  


On behalf of Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington (KCSC) and The Korea Times newspaper, we would like to send you our warmest greetings and an invitation to attend the Sharing Love Family Walk, which will be held Saturday, October 22 at 8:00 am at Carderock Recreation Area in Carderock, Maryland. We will be meeting at the Carderock Park Pavilion and plan to walk a 5 km section of the trail in order to promote a more healthy and active lifestyle and to raise awareness and funds for a special “safety net” emergency fund.   

You can see more detailed information on below link:


**Please come join us at the walk!  Bring your family, friends and co-workers.

**Please post the flyer on your community board.
**Please consider making a donation - either as a cash gift or an in kind donation that could be used for the raffle or to give to event participants.
**If you donate to KCSC, your donation will be recognized on the event day by the Chairman of our Board.  We will also recognize donors on our website, Constant Contact, Facebook and marketing related to the event.

If you'd have any question or need more information, then please feel free to contact to our development team at 703-354-6345
Thanks for your consideration.



Sharing Love 5K Family Walk 
Oct-22-2016 Saturday at 8 AM
Carderock Park (Recreation Area Pavilion)

The 5K Sharing Love Family Walk is an annual community building and fundraising event for The Sharing Love Campaign presented by The Korea Times in partnership with Korean Community Service Center of Greater Washington (KCSC)


100% of your donation funds KCSC’s Safety Net Project and directly impacts the lives of community members who have experienced emergency circumstances or crises that have caused them unanticipated financial strains. Come, enjoy the beautiful autumn, and walk for the community:)





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